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Secret Swimming Holes of the Yucatan

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

The Yucatan Peninsula is known for its pristine beaches, sun-filled skies, and frosty margaritas. For those wishing to take a break from the sandy white beaches can escape and explore the crystal clear cenote waters.

A cenote "sacred well," is a natural sinkhole where limestone bedrock has collapsed exposing these groundwater pools, creating an unbelievable magical word.

The refreshing mineral-rich water is a secret underworld, where ancient Mayans sometimes offered sacrifices to their Gods. Each cenote is unique and awe-inspiring in their own right.

These scared natural swimming holes litter the Yucatan Peninsula. You can dive into these underground caverns where natures walls and ceilings are stalagmites and stalactite or swim in an open-air cenote where the jungle walls surround you.

Dos Ojos

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